Extract from a new mind

Extract from a new mind


Our success or failure will depend not on the schemes and plans of those whose aim it is to suppress us. It will depend on how well we work together. Our strength will depend on our ability to unite and strengthen our minds.   Britain is turning some of us mad daily, it is turning some of our children mad and it is getting worse daily.

Our struggle over the past five hundred years is one of economics.  The slave trade and the migration to Britain were about economics. We do not struggle in this material world because of racism; we struggle because we are economically weak

The way our material world operates it is all about economics, our material conditions and our behavior is in part due to our economic conditions. We have spent hundreds of year working to make others materially rich. It is now time to do the same for ourselves, self- help and self- reliance is what we need we must stop being good loser. We will change the external when we change our internal selves. Our strength internally is our minds we must feed it and use it wisely.

It is said that the lord help those who help themselves, it is also said my people will die for lack of knowledge. We must examine our beliefs and practices and pursue knowledge because knowledge and guidance leads to wisdom we need to be wise in REALITY.

It is time to check ourselves and step forwards to make progress, as a more unified force nothing can stop us we will progress.