Black Tower Media Limited

Black Tower Media Limited registered with companies house in September 2015.  Having written my book i could not find a suitable vehicle to take it forward. On the basis of if you want it done properly do it yourself. I set up my own publishing and broadcasting company to take the book forward and to help others to progress. Am I putting the cart before the horse? Maybe and maybe in 2016 the horse can ride on the cart Black Tower Media Limited is a commercial venture no profit no progress. It is the mission of Black Tower Media Limited to become a successful media company.  Black Tower Media is a company registered in England and Wales Company no 09792272

2016 is the beginning of a journey to reach out to entertain and educate. is and always will be a work in progress, an evolutionary process. It’s about positive things so negativity or bad minds are not welcomed here. I want you to keep coming back to see how the journey is going. Please bring a sense of humour with you it makes the journey nicer. We gonna have music, videos debates have fun and learn.  May the words from our mouths and the meditations in our hearts be acceptable in the sight of YAHWEH our father.