A New Mind- by Berris Tulloh

A New Mind- by Berris Tulloh


A insight into the conditions and mentalities of the afro Caribbeans in the uk asking the questions ?

Can we find social equality and economic prosperity in the uk. what changes do we need to make

Examine our beliefs and practices set in the context of the world we live in the book is subtitled reality and spirituality..

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Slim Smith –The time has come

A new book by Berris.Tulloh aka Malakia Dan

A NEW MIND-spirituality/reality . The time has come to  make changes. now is the time to begin to prosper and progress. The real issue is not our conditions    it is our mind set,for our conditions to change we need to alter our mind set. We need to think of ourselves differently, find ourselves and realise our worth.         A NEW MIND is set in the context of the world we live in it explains the mind set of those who controls the world we live in and why they do what they do            Puts forwards the idea that we should abandon religions and embrace spirituality,without spirituality we cannot progress it is part of our dna always has been    The problem is not racism in our material world the problem is that we are economically  weak unless this is changed not much will change                                Why are we educated to fail and we cannot go forwards when we are taught only what others want us to learn. It is now time to FREE OUR MINDS!!!                 Our future depends on what we do in our today we must look forwards. we must do better for future generations to prosper…




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