A New Mind

This will be available here at Black Tower Media from Summer 2016. 

A new mind asks the question who are the Black British and can we have a prosperous future in Britain. A look at the  unholy trinity of religion.politics and finance Argues that the notion that black people don’t  progress because we are not united is nonsense. And that the theory of the evolution of man is just a theory the hueman  is a created being. 

MY PURPOSE IS TO CAUSE CHANGE. HELLO AND GREETINGS. MY NAME IS BERRIS AKA  MALAKIA  DAN.  The aim of this work is to stimulate minds, produce debates and actions.

It is impossible for me to cover the mind set of the whole world, or any one race or any one nation.

This work is based on the mind set of the Black British. And in particular those of us known as the afro Caribbean’s.  It is about life so it is about journey’s, my observations, insight and opinions.Where there is no change there is no growth. Where there is no growth we find death. THIS IS REALITY. No believe system or ideology be it political or religious can change this reality. Change or die see it in nature as soon something stops growing it starts to die. Change begins within.  In the seeds that are planted we reap what we sow.

We are in desperate situations because of the state of our minds.The seeds that have been planted in our minds have led some to self hate.  Without self love no human can find can find inner joy and freedom.  As a creation of the higher one we should not be controlled by others.

The material world we live in is controlled be evil people this is reality. Those who rule are psychopaths they have no mercy on those who suffer.Our suffering is just part of their plans. How much more suffering we endure will depend on us.  If we do not change nothing will get better and everything will get worse.  Do not be fooled by the material trinkets  that comes our way. These things can be gained and much more if we determine our future. The bible and gun was about the mind the most valuable thing we have.Many strong minds were lost when the chains came off and remain lost. The world will not change to please us so we have to change to progress.